EMS Statute and Regulation


​​​​EMS Statute and Regulation

​ ​​​
House Bill 777 (​22RS HB 777) - Signed by the Governor on 4/8/2022 -
AN ACT relating to Emergency Medical Services​

KRS 311A.010 Definitions

KRS 311A.015 Establishes Board

KRS 311A.020 Powers and Duties of the Board

KRS 311A.022 Transfer of Employees from KCTCS to KRS Chapter 18A Personnel System

KRS 311A.025 Levels of Certification

KRS 311A.027 Residence Requirement Prohibited

KRS 311A.030 Board Authority

KRS 311A.032 Posting of Fee Schedules of Licensed Ambulance Providers

KRS 311A.035 Functions of the Board

KRS 311A.040 Advisory Opinions

KRS 311A.045 EMSC Program

KRS 311A.050 Restrictions on Persons Not Licensed or Certified by the Board

KRS 311A.055 Complaint Process

KRS 311A.060 Sanctions for Violations

KRS 311A.065 Mental or Physical Examination Requirements

KRS 311A.070 Written Notice of Complaint

KRS 311A.075 Immediate Temporary Suspension

KRS 311A.080 Persons Prohibited from operating Ambulance Services

KRS 311A.085 Professional License Discipline Notification Requirements

KRS 311A.090 Notification Requirements for New Criminal Convictions

KRS 311A.095 Expiration of Licenses and Certificates

KRS 311A.100 Board Authority for Background Checks

KRS 311A.105 Notification of Address Change

KRS 311A.120 Education Courses and Continuing Education

KRS 311A.125 Continued Competence for Paramedics

KRS 311A.130 Requirements of In-Service Training

KRS 311A.135 Development of Paramedic Licensure and ReLicensure Programs

KRS 311A.140 Emergency Medical Technicians

KRS 311A.142 Reciprocity for Military

KRS 311A.145 Fees and Charges

KRS 311A.150 Priviledges and Immunities of Paramedics and First Responders

KRS 311A.155 Emergency Medical Services Grant Program

KRS 311A.160 First Responder Permitted Activities

KRS 311A.165 EMT Permitted Activities

KRS 311A.167 Procedures that an Advanced Emergency Technician can Perform

KRS 311A.170 Paramedic Permitted Activities

KRS 311A.175 Scope of Practice Requirements

KRS 311A.180 Process for Medical Control Documents and Protocols

KRS 311A.185 Determination of Death Requirements

KRS 311A.190 Information furnished to the Board by Providers

KRS 311A.195 Administration of Epinepherine by an EMT

KRS 311A.200 Limited Certification of Felons in Correctional Institution

202 KAR 7:010 Definitions for 202 KAR Chapter 7

202 KAR 7:020 Board Organization

202 KAR 7:030 Fees

202 KAR 7:055 Advisory Opinion

202 KAR 7:201 Emergency Medical Responders

202 KAR 7:301 Emergency Medical Technicians

202 KAR 7:330 Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians

202 KAR 7:401 Paramedics

202 KAR 7:501 Ambulance Providers and Medical First Response Agencies

202 KAR 7:510 Air Ambulance Services

202 KAR 7:520 Block Grant Funding

202 KAR 7:540 Data Collection, Management, and Compliance

202 KAR 7:545 License Classifications

202 KAR 7:550 Required Equipment and Vehicle Standards

202 KAR 7:555 Ground Agencies

202 KAR 7:560 Ground Vehicle Staff

202 KAR 7:565 Clinical Pilot Programs

202 KAR 7:575 Fee schedules of licensed ambulance providers

202 KAR 7:601 Training, Education, and Continuing Education

202 KAR 7:701 Scope of Practice

202 KAR 7:801 Medical Directors

202 KAR 7:810 Survivor Benefits for Death of Emergency Medical Services Personnel

Regulation Education:

202 KAR 7:540 Data Collection, Management, and Compliance

Proposed new and revised regulations

202 KAR 7.030_FILED.pdf

202 KAR 7.410_FILED.pdf