Open Records Request Procedure


Open Records Request Procedure

As a public agency, records are public records subject to the Kentucky Open Records Act (KRS 61.870)

Effective June 29, 2021, the Kentucky General Assembly revised Kentucky open records law so that eligibility to file an open records request is as follows:

Any resident of the Commonwealth shall have the right to inspect public records. (KRS 61.872(2)(a))

"Resident of the Commonwealth" means:

  1. An individual residing in the Commonwealth;
  2. A domestic business entity with a location in the Commonwealth;
  3. A foreign business entity registered with the Secretary of State;
  4. An individual that is employed and works at a location or locations within the Commonwealth;
  5. An individual or business entity that owns real property within the Commonwealth;
  6. Any individual or business entity that has been authorized to act on behalf of an individual or business entity defined in paragraphs (a) to (e) of this subsection; or
  7. A news-gathering organization as defined in KRS 189.635(8)(b)1.a. to e.. (KRS 61.870(10))


​Complete the request form, and send to our office via mail or email.
Mail: 500 Mero Street, 5th Floor 5SE32, Frankfort, KY 40601


KBEMS has five (5) business days to respond to a request for records, but may need additional time to get records that are in storage, are large or are otherwise hard to access.

When possible, KBEMS will email responsive records to the individual making the request. If hard copies are requested, or electronic records are not an option, the cost for copies on standard 8.5" x 11" paper is ten cents per page, with payment due in advance or at the time of copying. If the cost of copying and postage is less than $2.00, KBEMS will waive the cost.

If you have questions about this process, application of the Open Records law or different types of records, please contact ​KBEMS by em​ail​or phone 502-764-1507.


Detailed EMS contact information for all Kentucky Agencies and Training and Educational Institutions can be found using the EMS Directory.

Requests for Incident Reports from the Kentucky State Ambulance Reporting System (KSTARS) should review the information found HERE.