Clinical Bulletins

​Clinical Bulletins

Below, you'll find the most recent clinical bulletins, which may affect you and your EMS agency. Please help us share and spread the word.

​Aug. 2, 2019

Maine EMS has been made aware of four instances of failures of the following equipment:

  • ​Curaplex brand Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA), multiple sizes

The failures have been recorded over the course of the past year. In each instance, the trumpet/flange end of the airway adjunct collapsed, resulting in total migration of the adjunct into the nasal cavity. One instance required extraction in the OR. The adjuncts in question were ordered from BoundTree. Neither Maine EMS nor the reporting EMS service is aware of any recall by the manufacturer (Tri-anim). Maine EMS advises services to exercise caution as necessary when using these or any nasal airway adjuncts, and to contact BoundTree or the manufacturer if you have any questions.​​