EMS Agency Licensing

​Agency Application Process

The first step in obtaining licensure in Kentucky starts at the Division of Certificate of Need (CON) office. They will determine if the services you are wanting to develop are needed in the Commonwealth. You may find additional information about the Division of Certificate of Need Office here: Division of Certificate of Need (CON) Office​.

Upon approval and receipt of your Certificate of Need, you will need to fill out a web form with agency information. This will allow the KBEMS team to set up your agency KEMSIS account.

We will then notify you that your agency account has been created. You can access the account from your personal KEMSIS account and then choosing “Services." From there you can click on Applications and find all service-related applications. The next steps are as follows:

  1. Complete a “Medical Director” application. Be sure to upload all required documents, as outlined in the application. PLEASE WAIT FOR APPROVAL OF THIS APPLICATION. You will not be able to proceed with further applications until this application has been approved.
  2. Complete a “Medical Protocol Submission” application (after medical director approval). I always recommend complete adoption of Ky State Protocols in the beginning as these are auto-approved and ad hoc protocol approval can take a good deal of time (several months), as there is a queue of protocol approvals that can be fairly lengthy depending upon timing. If you would like to switch protocols after you get up and running that can be done after your agency has been licensed.
  3. Complete the “Initial Ground Agency License” application. This can be done in concert with the Medical Protocol application but is much more lengthy as it requires upload of all required documentation for your KBEMS inspection.
  4. After your documents have been reviewed and found satisfactory by your KBEMS Inspector, and they will set up a time to come to your agency and conduct your on-site/vehicle inspection.
  5. Timing is critical at this stage, since once a license is issued you are regulatorily required to begin operation. If you would like additional time after all the steps have been completed please let myself and your KBEMS Inspector know so we can hold licensing.

CLICK HERE to view the KBEMS Agency License and Vehicle Inspection Manual. This will provide guidance on the inspection requirements for ground ambulance agencies.

Certificate of Need

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), Division of Certificate of Need, publishes a monthly newsletter containing information about regulations, public hearings, and public notices. We are offering a link to the CHFS page as a convenience to EMS agencies.

CHFS Division of Certificate of Need

The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services does not have any responsibility or influence over the Certificate of Need process. If you have an inquiry regarding the Certificate of Need process, please contact the CHFS Division of Certificate of Need.

Office of Health Policy
275 E. Main St., 4W-E
Frankfort, KY 40621

Change of Ownership (License Transfer)

A change of ownership for licensees shall be deemed to occur if more than fifty (50%) of the assets, capital stock, or voting rights of a corporation or provide is purchased, transferred, leased, or acquired by comparable arrangement by one (1) person from another.

If a new application for a license is filed due to change of ownership, the new license shall be issued for the remainder of the current licensure period.

Full disclosure must be made to the board of the changes, including:

  • Each Person having direct or indirect ownership interest of ten (10) percent or more in the service
  • Officer and directors of the corporation, if the service is organized as a corporation
  • Partners, if a provider is organized as a partnership

There are a great deal of legal requirements for the proper transfer of a license from one entity to another. In order to assist with the transfer, please contact the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services at eddied.slone@ky.govor 502-764-1503.

Ceasing Operations

There are times that agencies must cease operations. Licensed agencies must notify the Kentucky Board of EMS as soon as they are aware that they are going to cease operations. The Kentucky Board of EMS must ensure that the citizens of the response area you are evacuating are covered by Emergency Medical Coverage.

Please submit the following form to the Kentucky Board of EMS as soon as you are aware that your service may be ceasing operations.

Cease Operations Form

If you have any questions, please contact the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services at 502-764-1503 oreddied.slone@ky.gov.