​​​​​​​​​Inspections ​

Every agency and ambulance licensed in Kentucky must undergo an initial inspection.

As part of the re-licensure process, every agency must submit to an annual inspection to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This inspection will include a thorough review of your provider management requirements. In addition, ALL vehicles/aircraft listed on an agency's KEMSIS account will be inspected annually. Re-licensure inspections will occur for all Kentucky EMS agencies, however KBEMS does have the ability to conduct unannounced inspections for the following purposes:

  • Complaint Allegation
  • Follow-up Visit
  • Re-Licensing

Inspection Map
KBEMS is organized into three regions for the inspectors. Go here ​​​to download the map, and view it below. Map updated as of 2/21/2023.

The KBEMS Agency & Vehicle Inspection Manual will provide guidance to the EMS agency regarding a KBEMS inspection.

Agencies must adhere to regulations to ensure quality of care and proper management of EMS organizations. An easy to read checklist of requirements can be found below:

All EMS vehicles in Kentucky must undergo an initial inspection and subsequent annual inspections. Checklists that include all required equipment can be found below:

GSA KKK-A-1922F Change Notice #8
Change Notice #8 will have an effective date of July 1, 2015. This notice requires compliance this SAE J3026, J3027, and J3043 for new production ambulances contracted for (ordered) after July 1, as well as some other minor clarifications to the document.
GSA KKK-1822F Change Notice #10

Change Notice #10 will have an effective date of July, 2017. Any new production ambulance contracted for (ordered) after July 1, 2017 would need to meet the published Change Notice 10 specifications.